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The Korea Safety Management and Science

Editorial in Chief Chang-Ho Lee (INHA University) Ich5601@inha.ac.kr
Board Members Hyun-Choon Kang (Jeju College of Technology) kanghc@dreamwiz.com
Roh-Gook Park (Sangji University) rogpark@sangji.ac.kr
Peom Park (Ajou University) ppark@ajou.ac.kr
Jae-Dong Rhim (Daewon University) radrhim@mail.daewon.ac.kr
Sung-Ho Chang (Kumoh National Institute of Technology) changsh@kumoh.ac.kr
Young-Deuk Jung (Jun-ju Vision Colleage) jdjung@jvision.ac.kr
Young-Geun Han (Myong-Ji University) Young-Geun Han (Myong-Ji University)
Manuscript editor Min-Kyu Kim (The Korea Safety Management and Science) safety@mju.ac.kr
Ji-Hong Chon (The Korea Safety Management and Science) safety@mju.ac.kr
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    - E-mail: safety@mju.ac.kr