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The Journal of Korea Safety Management and Science was launched in 1999, and This journal will be help setup the safety management and supply research information. Also, doing this we can reduce social cost. And then I believe that safety field is going to be huge progress. As you can see, in our journal of the thesis throughout the safety management and science of the research can suggest practical alternative that fit on social needs. More and more active responses bring company's competitiveness and national competitiveness. I think all those thing are based on the future social security. In the beginning of knowledge-based society, we are studying more about each part of information technology but we regardless of investment about safety. So I want to get more people interest about investing safety. Finally this journal of the thesis can make worker's mind change who work in danger and it naturally improving productivity. The Journal is published quarterly in March, June, September, and December each year.

The abbreviated title is 'J. Korea Saf. Manag. Sci.' The subscription price of this journal is Korean Won, ₩50,000 annually. The URL address of the journal is where full text is available. The articles published in this journal are indexed and/or abstracted in KCI.

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