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ISSN : 1229-6783(Print)
ISSN : 2288-1484(Online)
Journal of the Korea Safety Management & Science Vol.15 No.2 pp.121-128

방사선종양학과에 종사하는 치료방사선사의 감정노동에 미치는 요인에 관한 연구

심 재 구*, 서 정 민***,**** 박 병 석**, 주 성 훈**, 송 기 원**, 김 찬 형****, 임 재 동***, 김 용 균***, 양 오 남*****
*한서대학교 보건의료학과, **삼성서울병원 방사선종양학과
***대원대학교 방사선과, ****한양대학교 원자력공학과, *****강릉아산병원 방사선종양학과

Study for Effective Factors of Emotional Labor in Radiation Therapist of Radiation Oncology Department

Jeong-Min Seo***,****, Jae-Goo Shim*, Byoung-Suk Park**, Sung-Hoon Joo**, Ki-Won Song**, Chan-Hyeong Kim****, Jae-Dong Rhim***, Yong Kyoon Kim***, Oh Nam Yang*****
***Dept. of Radiological Science, Daewon University College
*Dept. of Health Care, Hanseo University
**Dept. of Radiation Oncology, Samsung Medical Center
****Dept. of Nuclear Engineering, Hanyang University
*****Dept. of Radiation Oncology, GangNeung Asan Hospital
Received April 20, 2013; Revision Received June 11, 2013; Accepted June 17, 2013.


 The objectives of this study were to investigate the degrees of emotional labor, the effects to organizationaleffectiveness and the significant factors influencing organizational effectiveness in radiation therapy professional.
 The subjects of this study were the radiation therapists working at the hospital in Seoul and Gyungi. Theself-reported questionnaires were administered to 205 radiation therapists and the data were analyzed withSPSS 19.0 package. The level of emotional labor of single or female subjects were revealed higher thanmarried or male. The professionalism of job has significant correlation with emotional labor. Significantexplanatory variables of the degrees of emotional labor included organization culture, distress andself-leadership. These three variables demonstrated the explanatory power of 13.9% of the emotional labor.
 Based on the findings, emotional labor of radiation therapist was correlated with occupational professionalism.These results suggest that the intervention program intervening emotional labor should be continued to developin order to improve the effective self-leadership, organization culture and distress factor.



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