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Journal of the Korea Safety Management & Science Vol.14 No.4 pp.333-339

사내 기업가정신이 관리혁신에 미치는 효과 및 비전공유의 조절효과

안 관 영*
*상지대학교 경영학과

The effect of corporate entrepreneurship on managerial innovation, and the moderating effect of shared vision

Kwan-Young Ahn*
*Department of Business Administration, Sangji University


This paper reviewed the relationship between corporate entrepreneurship(innovativeness, risktaking,proactiveness) and managerial innovation(organization innovation, human resource innovation), and themoderating effect of shared vision. The data to verify proposed hypothesis consist of the responses from 243employees in Kyeong-Gi and Kang-Won province.
The results of hierarchical multiple regression analysis showed that innovativeness and proactiveness arerelated positively with organization innovation and human resource innovation, but risktaking is not related withinnovation. Although risktaking has not effect on human resource innovation, it is appeared that it will bepositively related with human resource innovation while shared vision is high.


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