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ISSN : 1229-6783(Print)
ISSN : 2288-1484(Online)
Journal of the Korea Safety Management & Science Vol.14 No.3 pp.1-10

시스템 개념설계 단계에서 안전도 향상을 위한 시스템공학 및 시스템안전 프로세스의 통합에 관한 연구

김 영 민*, 이 재 천*
*아주대학교 시스템공학과

A Study on the Integration of Systems Engineering Process and Systems Safety Process in the Conceptual Design Stage to Improve Systems Safety

Jae-Chon Lee*, Young-Min Kim*
*Dept. of Systems Engineering, Ajou University


Recently, we have witnessed the definitely negative impacts of large-scale accidents happened in such areasas atomic power plants and high-speed train systems, which result in increased fear for the potential danger.The problems appear to arise due to the deficiency in the design of large-scale complex systems. One of thecauses can be attributed to the design process that does not fully reflect the safety requirements in the earlystage of the system development because of the substantially increased complexity. In this paper, to enhancethe systems safety an integrated process is studied, which considers simultaneously both the system designprocess and system safety process from the beginning of the system development. In the conceptual systemdesign phase an integrated process model is constructed by analyzing the activities of both the system designand safety processes. As a case study example, an inner city train system is described with the application ofthe developed process. The computer simulation of the example case is followed by the result discussed. Theresults obtained in the paper are expected to be the basis for the future study where a detailed process and itsassociated activities can be developed.


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