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ISSN : 1229-6783(Print)
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Journal of the Korea Safety Management & Science Vol.14 No.3 pp.87-93

신체활동 비교를 통한 개인 맞춤형 신체활동 에너지 소비량 예측 알고리즘

김 도 윤**, 전 소 혜*, 배 윤 형***, 김 남 현*
*연세대학교 의과대학 의학공학교실, **㈜ 휘트닷라이프, ***충남대학교 의학전문대학원

Personalized Prediction Algorithm of Physical Activity Energy Expenditure through Comparison of Physical Activity

Nam-Hyun Kim*, Do-Yoon Kim**, So-Hye Jeon*, Yoon-Hyung Pai***
*Department of Medical Engineering, Yonsei University
**Fit,Life Inc.․, ***Chung Nam University


The purpose of this study suggests a personalized algorithm of physical activity energy expenditure prediction through comparison and analysis of individual physical activity. The research for a 3-axial accelerometer sensor has increased the role of physical activity in promoting health and preventing chronic disease has long been established. Estimating algorithm of physical activity energy expenditure was implemented by using a tri-axial accelerometer motion detector of the SVM(Signal Vector Magnitude) of 3-axis(x, y, z). A total of 10 participants(5 males and 5 females aged between 20 and 30 years). The activities protocol consisted of three types on treadmill; participants performed three treadmill activity at three speeds(3, 5, 8 km/h). These activities were repeated four weeks.


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15.김도윤, 전소혜, 강승용, 김남현, 3축 가속도 센서 를 이용한 신체활동에 따른 맞춤형 에너지 측정 알고리즘, 한국콘텐츠학회, 제11권, 제12호, 2011
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