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Journal of the Korea Safety Management & Science Vol.14 No.3 pp.109-116

정기용선계약에서 갑판적재화물 손해에 대한 책임에 관한 연구 - Socol 3호 판결을 중심으로 -

이 원 정*, 김 태 우**
*덕성여자대학교 국제통상학과, **유한대학 유통물류학과

A Study on the Liability for the loss of deck cargo under a time charter - Focused on the decision in the Socol 3 -

Tae-Yoo Kim**, Won-Jeong Lee*
**Department of Distribution Management, Yuhan University
*Department of International Trade, Duksung Women's University


It could be debated that the owners were indemnified from the charterers even in respect of the loss of deck cargo caused by the negligence on the part of the owners' servants by a clause 13(b) of NYPE(1993) form, where NYPE(1993) incorporated the Hague/Visby Rules by a paramount clause and did not contained an on deck statement to state or identify what or how much deck cargo was being carried, however the relevant bills of lading all had such statement. The socol 3 of U.K. is a very helpful decision on (1) an on deck statement in bill of lading was sufficient to exclude application of the Hague/Visby Rules to the carriage of deck cargo, as a result, the clause 13(b) should not be null and void by the clause 3(8) of the Hague/Visby Rules (3) the clause 13(b) could not protect the owners from the loss and/or liability caused by negligence and/or breach of the obligation of seaworthiness on the part of the owners, their servants and agents. Therefore, the purpose of this study is to critically analyze the decision in the socol 3, and provide the decision's practical implications in order to prevent legal disputes as to the on deck carriage between the owners and the charterters.


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